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Mexican Chilli Pepper Extracts

Already supplying high-quality chilli pepper oleoresins, Lionel Hitchen has launched an even-wider range of Mexican chilli peppers extracts.

If you would like to know more about these products, contact us. 

arbol mexican chilli pepper (extract)

Arbol Chilli extract (oleoresin)

Arbol chilli (means tree-like) is a slender, curved fruit, which starts out green and matures to a bright red. It is one of the hottest chillies, with fruity notes.


habanero mexican chilli pepper (extract)

Habanero chilli extract (oleoresin)

Habanero Chillies are one of the hottest chillies available. Apart from the heat they have a wonderful fruity flavour. Close cousin to the Scotch Bonnet, they come in all colours but are usually harvested green.  


ancho mexican chilli pepper (extract)

Ancho chilli extract (oleoresin)

Indispensable for making authentic Mexican sauces, Ancho Chillies are dried Poblano Chillies, a dark reddish brown chilli, fairly mild with a sweet earthy flavour of liquorice, tobacco, coffee and raisins. 


chipotle mexican chilli pepper (extract)

Chipotle chilli extract (oleoresin)

Chipotle chillies are made by drying and smoking Jalapeño peppers, giving a definite heat but also a deeply smoky, sweet nutty, meaty, savoury flavour.


Jalapeno mexican chilli pepper (extract)

Jalapeno chilli extract (oleoresin)

Jalapeno Chillies are probably the best-known chilli peppers. They are primarily harvested as a green pepper which is prized for its warm, burning sensation but also its green fruity flavour.


Guajillo mexican chilli pepper (extract)

Guajillo chilli extract (oleoresin)

Guajillo chillies are shiny deep orange red peppers, thin fleshed with a fairly mild sweet earthy taste. 


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Mexican Chilli Peppers




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