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Herb and Spice Extracts

"Hispex" Dispersed Herbs & Spices

The "Hispex" range are dispersed products on salt providing the convenience of dry flavouring seasoning powders based on oleoresins and essential oils, and are equivalent in flavour strength to the ground herb or spice.

Our Hispex product range:

Hispex Aniseed

Hispex Bay Blend

Hispex Cayenne

Hispex Celery Blend

Hispex Clove

Hispex Cinnamon Flavour

Hispex Dill

Hispex Garlic

Hispex Ginger Blend

Hispex Nutmeg Blend

Hispex Mace Blend

Hispex Onion

Hispex Oregano Blend

Hispex Pepper

Hispex Sage Blend




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